patient engagement

Enabling Successful Patient-Engagement
Programs in a Digital Environment

Patient Engagement is the Crucial
link to

  • Drive Outcomes

  • Increase Medication Adherence

  • Recruit and Retain Patients and Reduce Abandonment

  • Deliver Better Care

  • Enhance Revenue Streams

  • Build Trust With Patients and Brand Identity


  • HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging in the Cloud

  • Omnichannel Communication Including Our AI Voice Telephony and Live Clinical Agents

  • Behavioral Science-Driven Education and Support

  • Enhanced Patient View Using CRM

  • Leverage New Technologies Such As AI, NLP to Engage in Novel Ways

Rationale for Deploying a Patient Centric and Digital First Engagement Strategy

patient engagement patient engagement

How can we help?

Indegene has supported healthcare clients in global rollout of patient-engagement and digital health initiatives.

  • Patient Affordability and Access

  • Medication Adherence

  • Digital Patient Support Services

  • Medication Therapy Management

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