We're helping to transform the $2.3Tn US healthcare market by providing customers next-generation solutions that increase revenue, improve healthcare quality, optimize risk, and improve real health outcomes. We provide solutions for end-to-end Risk Adjustment, HEDIS, STAR Rating improvement, and provider engagement.

outcomes we deliver for Payers

  • Elevate health plan performance across quality ratings (HEDIS, STAR, QRS)

  • Increase incentive-based revenues

  • Improve clinical excellence through analytics and care-coordination

  • Enable real-time health improvement through multi-channel engagement

  • Assess true risk from commercial, Medicare and Medicaid populations


Enterprise Technology

Our Solutions

Risk Adjustment

Enabling health plans to maximize their risk-adjusted revenues and improve risk score accuracy by accurately identifying coding and documentation gaps and facilitating gap closures with a suite of end-to-end risk adjustment solutions.

Quality Improvement

End-to-end quality improvement solutions with integrated advanced analytics, medical record retrieval (MRR), and data abstraction capabilities enabling healthcare organizations effectively improve HEDIS, STAR, and ACO measures.

Provider Engagement

Engaging Providers with actionable clinical and financial insights by bridging gaps across the care continuum. Our Provider Engagement solutions help health plans integrate quality and risk-adjustment initiatives to maximize ROI.

Member Engagement

Indegene help providers with a comprehensive multichannel approach to effectively engage members to improve health outcomes, endorse patient loyalty, promote health education and increase patient awareness and ownership over their health.

Provider Engagement

Engage Providers and decision makers with actionable clinical and financial insights by bridging care gaps across the care continuum. Indegene's Provider Engagement solutions help health plans integrate both quality and risk-adjustment initiatives thus maximizing their ROI.

Whitespace Solution

Determination and stratification of risk for enrollees without prior clinical history is a challenge faced by many health plans resulting in sub-optimal realization of risk adjusted revenues and poor health outcomes.

Comprehensive In-home Assessments

Indegene's Comprehensive In-home Assessments leverage our decades of clinical expertise and state-of-the-art technology to engage and assess members where they are most comfortable-their home.