What we offer

Data solutions, analytical models, cognitive, and cloud capabilities for life sciences organizations to maximize the value of data, translate insights into actions, and unlock new possibilities to drive business outcomes

Who is it for

Business analytics and insights, commercial excellence, commercial strategy, commercial operations, customer insights, data science, medical affairs, brand marketing, sales

Why it’s important

Glean enterprise wide insights across R&D through Commercialization

Drive outcomes across providers, patients, and payers

Keep pace with evolving commercial models

How we deliver

What makes us different

Deep data literacy and analytical know-how in Oncology and other therapies

Strong data foundations to build trust and transparency

Centre of Excellence support spanning organizations of all sizes

Brands commercialized across product life cycle
Therapy areas and indications
Market Intelligence, Forecasting, Patient Analytics, Omnichannel HCP Analytics, Commercial Operations Analytics
NEXT HCP Journey Optimization, NEXT Forecasting