What we offer

Evolve your content supply chain from an authoring (human-dependent) approach to an automation (machine-driven) approach, to enable exponential personalization of your content

Who is it for

Heads of Commercial Operations and Marketing Operations, Brand Marketeers and Multichannel Marketing Leads

Why it’s important

Increase the volume and quality of customer engagements

Significantly reduce cost of sales and marketing

Generate more content without increasing team size

How we deliver


We first align on your content goals before we audit your existing content supply chain to identify bottlenecks and gaps. Then, a specialized, healthcare-focused AI platform (such as the Indegene Intelligent Content Brain) that combines machine vision with natural language processing (NLP) to turn content components into machine-readable data. This is more than just tagging; it’s fingerprinting content components.

This data then goes into a module management solution that organizes the components into machine readable modules along with codified business rules and outputs the modules in a format that can be submitted to and approved by MLR.

Along with a DAMS integration and a content operations capability that is either machine-enabled or fully automated to create final assets from approved modules, the assets are ingested by platforms to execute campaigns and generate analytics to continue the loop of content personalization.

Modular content strategy for pharma

What makes us different

Automatic content creation in multiple languages

Powered by AI for scalable personalization

Authoring tool uses machine-readable rules

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