What we offer

End-to-end clinical trial disclosure and transparency services for all public registries and sponsor-specific websites, which enables faster enrolment in clinical trials as well as informed medical and prescribing decisions 

Who is it for

Clinical trials and regulatory affairs teams

Why it’s important

Offer first-hand information on trial results

Reduce costs of non-compliance

Enable better health outcomes

How we deliver


Our team of regulatory experts brings years of experience that helps manage clinical trial transparency information and processes for drug/device development pipelines. We specialize in the following clinical trial transparency services:

  • Protocol registration, amendment maintenance, and clinical trial result posting in clinicaltrials.gov, EUDRACT, and other global registries and sponsor-specific websites
  • Redaction and anonymization of regulatory documents such as protocols, clinical study reports, clinical summaries, and other common technical documents
  • Authoring lay language summaries of clinical trial results
  • Tracking and analysis of global trial disclosure regulatory landscape 
  • Aligning evolving reforms with internal best practices and standard operating procedures
A regulatory expert managing clinical trial transparency information

What makes us different

Customized, end-to-end, adaptable solutions

Robust tracking mechanism that ensures 100% compliance

Domain expertise and experience in various clinical trial disclosure platforms

Protocol registrations
Results posting
Top pharma/medical device companies

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Discussing the requirements around clinical trial disclosures