What we offer

The ability to accurately forecast revenues of pipeline and existing products, in-licensing/out-licensing opportunities, and plan product acquisitions and divestments

Who is it for

Planning and forecasting, insight and analytics, commercial intelligence, brand and therapeutic area leads

Why it’s important

Plan long-term revenue generation

Prioritize product portfolio effectively

Plan production capacity and manufacturing

How we deliver


We identify the product’s market with an in-depth study of the Target Product Profile and its competitive landscape. 

We define the market size through epidemiology filters on diverse data sources.

We perform market share analytics by identifying different business sources and calculate Peak Share and Uptake Curve through attribute analysis, analogs, order of entry, etc. 

The patient market share is then converted into revenues by applying pricing, dosing, compliance, and perseverance data.

Featured Technology

What makes us different

Strong research capabilities to build robust assumptions

NEXT Forecasting to eliminate inefficiencies of proliferating Excels

Leverage patient analytics to enhance quality and accuracy

Active engagements
Indications across six therapy areas
NEXT Forecasting