What we offer

End-to-end contract lifecycle management for HCPs and external experts to deliver positive customer experiences throughout the contracting journey, while ensuring adherence to regulatory standards across operating markets

Who is it for

Heads of medical affairs and medical operations 

Why it’s important

Enable efficiencies of HCP contract operations

Comply to regulations across markets

Acquire data-driven operational insights

How we deliver


We bring the right mix of contract creation, collaboration, and execution services with a focus to deliver end-to-end customer experiences across the engagement life cycle with HCPs and external experts including consultancies, congresses, key opinion leaders (KOLs), HCP steering committees, and more. 

Our dedicated team of 100+ SMEs operate across global service centers to support HCPs and ensure contract execution. We initiate events, create records, conduct region-specific compliance checks, coordinate with HCPs, create invoices, process invoices/reimbursements and close contracts.

What makes us different

Flexibility to client-specific business process

Qualified resource pool for liaising with MSLs and HCPs

Deep knowledge of regulations across markets

Engagements managing multi-country compliance
Faster execution of HCP contracts
Cost savings on HCP contract management