What we offer

Technology-led solution that enables systematic monitoring and screening of literature for information on drug safety-related signals, regulations, competitor intelligence, clinical trials, KOLs, and more from sources like scientific journals, publications, and social media

Who is it for

Heads of drug safety, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs, and health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) teams

Why it’s important

Achieve 100% accuracy in search

Ensure accurate medical assessment of articles

Make evidence more accessible to decision makers

How we deliver


We bring experience in global and local literature search including literature search strategy design, setting up alerts for periodic screening and journal retrievals, review of citations, abstracts and full publications.

We source literature articles from various databases using multiple search strategies such as AI-driven literature article categorization, de-duplication and NLP-based search with our automated literature review tool.

We provide technology-enabled services to monitor social media, collect NLP-based data, and extract AI-based product and related information from blogs, discussion forums, patient engagement portal, social networking sites, news, and others.

Social media monitoring

What makes us different

Centralized platform to manage and aggregate indexed articles

Intuitive portal for business users to search, view, and review centrally curated articles

Theme-based customized reports and Insights

Literature record reviews
Products handled
Language support