What we offer

Strategic and tactical advisory services, from instituting MLR function to improving efficiencies of existing review flow by remediating process bottlenecks, optimizing roles, and ushering technology and analytics led governance

Who is it for

Global, regional, and affiliate leaders of medical affairs, commercial operations, regulatory teams, and legal teams at pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies

Why it's important

Scale MLR process to meet content needs and shorten time to market

Contain compliance risks by designing optimum level of material review

Derive real time process insights to better utilize resources and partners

How we deliver


Our team of industry experts collaborates with you to understand your company’s and product’s requirements. By applying design thinking principles to stakeholder interviews and information gathering workshops, we identify MLR process gaps.

Benchmarking as-is process against the industry and combining historical data patterns with our knowledge of best practices, we convert identified gaps into actionable MLR process recommendations.

We do not stop there. We work with our client sponsors to implement the recommendations, manage change in the organization, and measure their effectiveness in delivering business results.

What makes us different

Experience of 40+ MLR transformation projects, led by Industry veterans

Proprietary frameworks and benchmarking on MLR processes

Technology innovator with in-house MLR product team

Material assets approved in 20+ markets
Faster time to market for assets
Costs saved through process and tech efficiencies