What we offer

Proprietary methodology and executional support for strategic planning to engage HCPs in personalized scientific exchange, gather insights that inform decisions, define business performance measures, creating a highly impactful medical affairs organization

Who is it for

Heads of medical affairs, medical directors and field medical teams 

Why it’s important

Establish high-performing Medical Affairs teams

Create a unique competitive advantage with Medical Affairs

Accelerate demonstration of Medical Affairs value

How we deliver


We use management consulting expertise combined with medical affairs domain understanding to define medical affairs contribution to corporate strategy, gain stakeholder alignment, and establish tactics and KPIs. 

A deep understanding of contemporary challenges for medical affairs teams and industry-tested technology platforms allows us to accelerate customer centricity and time to market. We structure real world data collection and provide predictive analytics to guide engagements with healthcare professionals and real-time performance dashboards to demonstrate team effectiveness and business value.

What makes us different

Pioneering experience with modern medical affairs technology

Innovative risk-share and incubator financial models

Complete capability set with global delivery footprint

Repeat clients
Reduction in operational costs
Years of experience