What we offer

Suite of solutions leveraging analytics and insights on HCP behaviors to drive personalized omnichannel engagement

Who is it for

Analytics, digital and commercial operations, commercial excellence, brand marketing, content operations

Why it’s important

Utilize rich customer and channel interaction data

Better utilization of campaigns and channels for higher ROI

Tighter sales and marketing collaboration

How we deliver


We understand your current state and maturity across all the channels you use, and help you identify and define the building blocks for scaled omnichannel journey. 

We use pre-built data models, algorithms, and technology to identify appropriate customers, target based on their potential to prescribe, relevance to the brand, adoption, etc. and recommend curated omnichannel engagement plans.

What makes us different

Scoring models to recommend preferred channels

Content analytics and framework for personalized messaging

Accelerators and technology for faster personalization

Discovery and roadmap assessments globally
Market mix and dynamic call plans delivered
Brands across therapeutic areas
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