What we offer

Analytics solutions that leverage anonymized patient level data (APLD) and help commercial teams gain deeper understanding of brand’s interactions with patients, physicians, payers, and competitors

Who is it for


Commercial analytics, brand heads, heads of therapies

Why it’s important

Reduce time to patient level insights by 60-80%

Understand patient, HCP, and payer behavior at a deeper level

Drive self-serviced insights for easier decision-making

How we deliver


We use Real World Data (RWD) to mine patient level insights that drive commercial outcomes. 

We use descriptive and predictive analytics to gain deeper understanding of patient diagnosis, patient journey, and treatment patterns by therapy area. 

Our pre-built accelerators in the form of common data models, analytics-ready data sets, business intelligence tool, and data science applications lead to accurate, comprehensive, and faster insights of brand interactions with patients, payers, and providers.

What makes us different

Experience working with multiple patient data sources

Accelerators for faster deployment and time to insights

Data science and ML applications for complex use cases

Patient’s data handled
Therapy areas experience
Advanced patient analytics use cases
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