What we offer

An omnichannel intelligent patient recruitment solution that combines real-world data with advanced analytics to mine, screen, and reach out to target patients

Who is it for

Heads of drug discovery, clinical R&D, and optimization teams that focus on clinical trials and pharmacovigilance

Why it's important

Complete clinical trial programs on time

Reduce patient dropouts with patient-centric experiences

Reduce clinical development costs

How we deliver


We use RWD-enabled targeted digital marketing approaches to identify patients, conduct efficient primary and secondary screening, and transfer the right patients to clinical trial sites.

Our highly successful “concierge” model leverages trained clinical research nurses, which helps increase conversion rates and eventual randomization.

Clinical trials data management

What makes us different

AI-driven foolproof trials

Hybrid model using digital marketing and concierge services

Accountability from trial design to completion

Wider reach on eligible patient population
Targeted digital impressions per month
Response time with 24x7 concierge services

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