What we offer

Technology-led end-to-end case processing, including case intake, data processing, quality, and medical review for submission to health authorities. We leverage AI/ML and NLP to speed and better understand the adverse events

Who is it for

Heads of drug safety and pharmacovigilance teams

Why it's important

Manage operations with preconfigured digitally assisted platform

Reduce manual effort and costs to create better control of AE

Transform AE process to interpret insights and enhance product safety at scale

How we deliver


We manage case intake from various channels, such as email, E2B R3, case forms (CIOMS, MedWatch), paper adverse events, call center, and affiliate cases with our proprietary platform and partner ecosystems.

Our experts leverage AI/ML and NLP technologies to extract and classify data, detect key entities (such as AEs, medical history, and patient-level information), and conduct medical coding. Our machineassisted quality and medical reviews ensure that the final outcome is compliant and accurate.

We assist translation of non-English documents and provision of last mile functionality, such as submission of cases to health authorities via E2B transmission, to enable faster turnaround time.

Pharmacovigilance case intake and processing experts

What makes us Different

Automation platform driven by industry-leading partnerships

AI/ML and NLP technologies for PV to process intake from multiple sources

Understanding of global regulatory and safety practices

>1 Million
Cases processed annually
Languages supported