What we offer

AI/NLP-powered clinical analytics solution to improve prior authorization (PA) approvals and reduce claim rejections, thereby assisting health systems to transition to value-based care and improve market access of specialty products

Who is it for

Patient access and patient support program leaders 

Why it’s important

Improve patient care and provider relationship

Increase product sales and revenue

Improve turnaround time and processing costs for PAs

How we deliver


We look beyond the rejection codes that ePAs generate. Our strong medical/clinical team uses advanced NLP/ML-driven clinical, predictive and prescriptive analytics to generate clinical insights from evaluation of case-by-case PA documents. We use these insights to negotiate PA approvals with payers, and thereby, patient access to drugs through payer and provider modelling insights. The analysis further helps collect retrospective RWD data for evidence generation and aids in future design of better PA processes. 

What makes us different

Deep clinical expertise integrated with RWD expertise

Proprietary ML/ NLP clinical algorithms

Outcome-oriented solution for PA optimization

Improvement in PA approval
Reduction in incorrect PA rejections
Reduction in case evaluation efforts