What we offer

Insights from RWD and molecular data to identify gaps in the clinical R&D life cycle, support biomarker development, and better clinical trial designs​

Who is it for

Heads of Drug Discovery and Clinical R&D teams across large/mid-size pharma, biotech and medical devices organizations focusing on clinical development and operations​

Why it's important

Evaluate treatments, identify drug-responsive patient cohorts, and mitigate risks

Validate claims and provide insights to support patient care

Expedite R&D decisions and control development costs

How we deliver


We first triage the team of experts including data analysts, data engineers, clinical experts, and statisticians in alignment with the data analysis strategy plan, which is based on the business scope/requirements. Our team of experts analyzes & identifies the right healthcare data sources, and decides on the methodology/models required to address the requirements including descriptive analysis, predictive analysis, prescriptive analysis, etc. ​

We support & provide solutions across the clinical study life cycle including but not limited to patient profiling, disease landscaping, integration of healthcare data sources, feasibility analysis, patient and site selection, as well as health outcomes publication analysis.  In addition, we offer smarter clinical trial designs by facilitating biomarker discovery, biomarker-aided trial designs for patient stratification, trials for companion diagnostic development, and synthetic control arm.​

Clinical Data Services

What makes us different

Medical expertise blended with fit-for-purpose technology

Multidisciplinary team of data analysts, statisticians, data engineers, and clinical experts

Analytical Service offerings across the continuum of clinical study life cycle

Therapeutic Area Experience
Clinical Study Feasibility Analysis
HEOR publications

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