What we offer

Real-time intelligence on dynamic regulatory requirements across markets, enabling enterprises to stay updated, analyze, and anticipate risks to lay out well-thought-out strategies for successful regulatory submission pathways

Who is it for

Regulatory affairs teams

Why it's important

Reduce compliance risk-related revenue losses

Enable informed decisions on product launch strategy

Improve operational efficiencies on data collection

How we deliver


Our team of experienced regulatory professionals continuously evaluates impact of changing legislations related to product development, registration, and approval processes. 

Our proprietary Regulatory Intelligence tool monitors and provides up-to-date regulatory information across product lines in real-time. 

Backing us up is a team of commercial analysts who generate customized market intelligence go-to-market strategy reports by analyzing approvals, renewals, recalls, and rejections of competitors, as well as analyzing ingredients and claims from a regulatory perspective and competitive positioning of the product. 

A regulatory professional evaluating the impact of changing legislations

What makes us different

Deep understanding of the global regulatory and commercial landscape

Proprietary technology that alerts about updates in real-time

Comprehensive insights that help frame apt regulatory strategy

Pharma & medical device clients
Markets tracked
Efficiency improvements

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