What we offer

Technology solution to automate monitoring, intake, processing, validation, seriousness assessment, and quality checks of safety-related cases, thereby driving operational efficiencies and meaningful outcomes in PV operations

Who is it for

Heads of drug safety and pharmacovigilance teams 

Why it’s important

Improve quality, traceability, and reconciliation

Reduce costs of pharmacovigilance and case processing

Reduce turnaround time for cases

How we deliver


Using NEXT Adverse Events Management, AE/PQC/MI agents are able to leverage AI-enabled voice-to-text conversion, intelligent call flow assistance with automated data capture, and review processes to enable quicker, more accurate, and noise-free case intake. The tool can also detect and auto-populate relevant AE information from social media and literature articles for case creation. In case processing, the tool reduces manual effort by auto-populating data fields from various structured, semi-structured, and unstructured sources, followed by thorough duplicate checks and accurate triaging and validation. 

Additionally, our large multidisciplinary talent pool of PV and product safety experts have extensive knowledge of various therapy areas and regulatory requirements to perform medical reviews and safety assessments.

What makes us different

Domain-led technology-driven ready-to-deploy accelerators

End-to-end automation of PV case intake and processing

Touchless data entry with a focus on critical decision-making

Projects across US, EU, and JAPAC
Indications covered
Cost savings per case

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