What we offer

Intelligent technology to optimize trial designs, identify right patient subpopulations, and program risk factors, using advanced analytics, to enable successful clinical trial outcomes

Who is it for

Heads of drug discovery and clinical R&D teams 

Why it’s important

Enable foolproof, evidence-based trial design

Accelerate patient recruitment

Mitigate risks and deliver right therapies to patients

How we deliver


Our enterprise-grade RWD/RWE framework enables clinical trial design teams to conduct disease landscaping, identify alternate indications, and understand patient subgroup heterogeneity to create optimized protocols. We integrate HEOR, claims, genomics, lab, and other data sources to model disease states and their progression in a real-world patient population context using graph-based predictive algorithms. 
Simulation of trials based on clinical, operational and outcome-based parameters ensures selection of right protocol variants. 

We enable trial design using synthetic control arms that repurpose historical clinical trial data and RWD to accurately match patients from the experimental arm. We use RWD along with NLP technologies and early biomarker identification to select sites and screen the right patients for trials.

What makes us different

Accountability from trial design to completion

Trial designs customized to disease landscape, patient heterogeneity, and expected outcomes

Integrated platforms, faster clinical trial data, and early insights

Wider reach on eligible patient population
Targeted digital impressions per month
Years of healthcare industry experience