What we offer

An AI-powered platform which converts unstructured content into structured data and elevates multiple operations across content management, content analytics, and DAMs

Who is it for

Brand teams, DAMs librarians, content and campaign teams, and other roles that work on content personalization

Why it’s important

Improve DAMs’ hygiene and search functionality

Enable content personalization at scale through insights

Identify levers to optimize content reuse

How we deliver


Our automation extracts components from existing master assets and identifies different content dimensions such as sentiment, tone, position, color, etc., using supervised machine learning models. We also identify metadata for the components at 3 levels – key message, semantic category, and media type. Accordingly, we convert unstructured content into structured data, or as we call it – fingerprinted data. This data is computed and machine readable, which enables applications like content analytics and content management. It’s a one-of-its-kind tool that can automatically identify metadata specific to pharma and life sciences domain. 

Combine it with performance metrics, and this technology drives insights, like type of content produced, adherence to best-practice guidelines and measure content resonance with audience segment; eventually driving content personalization at scale. 

Another potential application is in the form of a comprehensive solution for content storage, done on a scalable cloud with automated asset metadata population, and streamlines DAMs librarian operations. 

What makes us different

Generate scalable, computable, machine readable content

Content personalization at granular levels

Automated DAMs librarian and metadata operations

Content units processed
Brands engaged
Pharma-specific taxonomies

Case study