What we offer

A scalable and cloud-based data management platform with a rich self-service user interface that lets you harmonize a variety of data sources into 1 cohesive data set, unearthing valuable insights that facilitate Next Best Action use cases for superior customer personalization

Who is it for

Chief Technology Officer, Heads of Analytics, Data Management, Commercial Excellence and Operations, Medical Information, and Customer Engagement Leads

Why it’s important

Enables a single source of truth from multiple disparate systems

Democratizes access to analytic ready datasets

Enables smarter business decisions based on 360º customer views

How we deliver


We analyze your existing data sources and identify the underlying causes of data silos across all commercial operations.

We design a Common Data Model framework that organizes the data into a standard structure, enabling you to take complete control of your data landscape through a single gateway.

Then, we deploy our cloud-based intelligent data platform to drive your data orchestration and insight generation with ease, speed, and accuracy, making your operations agile and enabling you to make better-informed decisions faster.

What makes us different

Integrated UI for effective data management and business process optimization

Common Data Model connecting commercial and digital data sources

Embedded intelligence based on advanced algorithms

Faster set up of data pipeline
Data sources integrated
Brands deployed on this solution

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