What we offer

A platform that provides real-time information about projects with end-to-end project management capabilities and automates your workflows using intelligent rule-based processes

Who is it for

Heads of commercial operations, brand managers, and multichannel leads

Why It’s Important

Access project information instantly on demand

Nullify dependance on multiple project managers

Improve coordination and efficiency of operations

How we deliver


We focus on 3 areas to elevate your workflow management – streamline, automate, transform.

Firstly, we look into your existing ecosystem of tools, and identify how we can integrate everything into our single unified platform. This ensures you get end-to-end project management in one place.

We then activate automations for your workflows and operational tasks. Manual activities like validation, reviews, reporting, and sending alerts are automated using intelligent rule-based processes. This technology transforms the efficiency of your operations by virtue of being a fully self-served platform. As opposed to earlier instances where you had to depend on a liaison or engagement manager, now you can access all information instantly. 

What makes us different

Auto-validation of assets against preset criteria

Intuitive, comprehensive tracking of project and engagement KPIs

Fully customizable to integrate current ecosystem of tools

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