What we offer

An artificial intelligence powered Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform with insightful analytics; making your content reach the market faster, while remaining regulation compliant

Who is it for

Commercial content management teams, marketing partners, agencies, digital factories, production houses and teams working with digital content

Why it’s important

More efficient content operations with less review cycles

Drive content compliance with regulatory standards

Take optimized content to market faster

How we deliver


We begin with an audit of your overall digital asset management (DAM) landscape and your goals. Once the we identify bottlenecks and gaps in your existing process, we pick the tool set you will need for integration and migration. This is key to maintain a single source of truth.

Before we deploy the new system, we identify and develop processes and steps for a streamlined integration, along with well-defined roles & responsibilities in overall migration. We then deploy the new system and map the metadata and taxonomy as per recommendations for the new system. This includes a support model for the migrated sites to ensure a smooth transition.

Once we implement, you can immediately view rich analytics which help drive better decisions for content operations. This is the only tool of its kind in the world, focusing on DAMs for pharma and life sciences.

What makes us different

Save time with scalable and reusable content

Built specifically for the healthcare industry

AI/ML-powered auto-tagging capabilities

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