What we offer

Cloud-based scalable forecasting platform to streamline forecasting operations, drive efficiencies, and enable better planning for your products

Who is it for

Heads of global insight and analytics, commercial intelligence, forecasting, brand and therapeutic area leads

Why it's important

Understand variables' impact to reach revenue goals

Utilize resources better instead of forecasting mechanics

Understand products’ market potential accurately

How we deliver


We assess your organization’s existing forecasting models and processes, and identify gaps in flexibility, efficiencies, real-time collaboration, scalability, or security issues. 

We deploy NEXT Forecasting to streamline your forecasting operations and free up resources that you can utilize in strategic business initiatives, while providing continuous support and improvements in forecasting processes, delivering accurate and credible forecasts.

What makes us different

Intuitive interface for use cases flexible adjustments

Seamless workflow and collaboration capabilities

Modular, quick and easy setup and customization

Of the Top 6 life sciences organizations enabled
Indications across multiple therapy areas
Forecasts supported through the platform

Case study