What we offer

Hyper-personalization engine for commercial teams to understand HCP preferences (channels, content, prescription behavior, etc.) and recommend a personalized omnichannel journey

Who is it for

Analytics, digital and commercial operations, commercial excellence and marketing, content operations

Why it’s important

Understand customer personas and define journeys for better interventions

Assess engagements in real time to drive next best actions

Optimize channel mix to improve customer conversion rates

How we deliver


The platform connects and integrates data from multiple sources to develop multi-dimensional HCP personas.

It further determines affinity for HCPs across channels and content based on pre-built scoring models, and predicts appropriate next best actions for desired outcomes. 

It also integrates with downstream systems for automated triggers and campaign orchestration.

What makes us different

Modular, scalable, cloud-based, and cost effective engine

Data science workbench and engagement planning capability

Pre-built library of AI models for multiple scenarios

Personas, channel-mix, and NBAs enabled
Geographies across five therapy areas
Brands and portfolios supported

Case study