What we offer

Transformation of enterprise-wide labeling data and operations, by leveraging AI and advanced analytics, with a focus on ways to generate, contextualize and publish labels for consumption by patients and HCPs

Who is it for

Regulatory and labeling teams, including their global and local affiliates

Why it’s important

Simplify enterprise-level management of label life cycles

Create downstream labels faster with content reuse

Manage label content and timeline compliance proactively across markets

How we deliver


Our enterprise technology-led solution uses AI-based automation along with deep labeling domain expertise to drive simplified, efficient, and compliant label submissions, through unified enterprise-level management of labeling lifecycles, automated classification of labeling data into reusable modules and machine-assisted label authoring, review and publishing.

It also enables proactive tracking of content deviations across labels, parallel label updates and consolidation, seamless change management across markets, and change management against Health Authority feedback.

The solution is adaptable and scalable to emerging regulatory needs for life sciences labels; including IDMP, SPL, SPM and ePI.

What makes us different

One stop solution to manage complete label lifecycle from content to submissions

Custom-built for label functions by leveraging deep domain expertise and technology know-how

Enterprise-ready scalable SaaS platform

Reduction in label content lifecycle times
Productivity enhancements
Content accuracy

Case study