What we offer

Spaced learning and confidence-based assessments that help gauge the knowledge and confidence levels of the users in a gamified manner resulting in increased learning retention

Who is it for

Sales representatives, managers, heads of sales, as well as other healthcare employees, for whom learning retention is the key over a period of time

Why it’s important

Spaced learning ensures better learning retention

Confidence-based assessments help avoid guesswork

Gamification helps drive engagement

How we deliver


We use a unique algorithm for spaced repetition. The performance of the users is assessed via small sets of questions delivered in a self-paced manner. The confidence of users is gauged as they answer each question. As per the given responses, the product provides appropriate repetition of the questions to enhance the confidence and knowledge retention in the most optimized way.

The confluence of knowledge and confidence helps assess gaps and gain actionable insights. The dashboard provides an in-depth analysis of various learning parameters.

Leaderboards, rewards, and badges drive engagement and promote healthy competition.

What makes us different

Easy-to-read comprehensive dashboard provides actionable insights

Repeating questions at regular intervals makes learning stick

Significant experience in healthcare learning and technology

Boost in confidence due to better retention
Knowledge enhancement
Learners passed with perfect score in 3 weeks

Case study