What we offer

Personalized customer-centric medical information (MI) experiences and content management efficiencies, through simplification, optimization and transformation of content creation and query management 

Who is it for

Medical affairs and medical information teams 

Why it’s important

Deliver omnichannel customer experiences

Increase self-service across customer touchpoints

Manage MI source and response content efficiently

How we deliver


We enable intelligent query management as well as modular and automated content lifecycle management capabilities using AI/ML technologies and deep medical information expertise.

The query management engine drives self-service and omnichannel experiences through capabilities like automated query pathway triage, context-based search and continuous learning of customer attributes, preferences, and sentiments to provide personalized query responses.

The unified content management platform drives efficiencies through automated onboarding and structuring of historical source content, assisted content authoring and review, content reuse, guided localization and translations. 

What makes us different

One-stop solution to manage complete MI life-cycle

Custom-built for MI functions using deep domain expertise & technology know-how

Enterprise ready scalable SaaS platform

Productivity enhancements
Queries fulfillment by self-serve routes
Decrease in turnaround time to respond to a query

Case study