What we offer

A platform that allows life sciences marketers and agencies to create channel-agnostic modules and build campaigns in content grids that can be assembled into complaint tactics at scale.

Who is it for

Heads of commercial and marketing operations, brand marketers, and multichannel marketing leads

Why it’s important

Ensure faster time-to-market by reducing lengthy review cycles

Increase compliance through the usage of codified business rules

Drive significant cost savings through content reuse

How we deliver


Modular content empowers life sciences organizations to accelerate their content operations and deliver personalized experiences at scale. The NEXT Module Management platform enables this shift toward modular content by creating channel-agnostic modules and grids that can be assembled into targeted and channel-specific assets. 

The platform first ingests harvested components from a digital asset management (DAM) platform or a de-constructing platform to construct the modules. It then allows you to govern the use of modules through automated, persistent business rules to flag compliance violations while creating tactics in the downstream authoring platforms. Individual modules can be arranged in the automatically generated content grids to codify tactic variants. Once you have created the modules and grids, the platform further helps you to track and manage the MLR lifecycle. 

Finally, the pre-approved modules and grids, can be fed into an authoring tool to create compliant assets that help you deliver a hyper-personalized experience across channels and geographies. 

What makes us different

Seamless integration with other DAM/MLR/authoring tools

Clear, concise, and intuitive user interface

Ability to configure & manage machine-readable business rules

Cost savings on modular content creation
Faster time-to-market for complaint omnichannel content
Compliance achieved in the first review cycle

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