What we offer

A cloud-based enterprise digital solution that empowers commercial teams to create meaningful omnichannel customer experiences using ready-to-consume datasets, AI-driven personalization models, closed-loop marketing techniques, and automated salesforce recommendations for accelerated outcomes.

Who is it for

Heads of IT and Commercial Analytics teams. Also useful for Sales and Marketing Operations, Brand Managers, Campaign Managers, and Digital Omnichannel Innovation teams.

Why it's important

Unify sales and marketing operations with centralized access to 360° view of customers

Understand promotional impact with ease, and optimize marketing investments and ROI

Boost salesforce and marketing effectiveness with automated customer recommendations

How we deliver


We combine Indegene’s commercial data management solution with life sciences trained AI-models and customer scoring techniques to drive customer understanding, insights generation and personalization.

We assess and optimize channel performance using integrated channel-mix analytics powered by our omnichannel planning engine.

We activate personalized engagement plans and Next Best Actions through integrations with key downstream systems to improve salesforce effectiveness and facilitate superior customer personalization.

All this is driven through a rich, intuitive, self-serve user experience that is scalable across brands, geographies, and therapeutic areas.

What makes us different

Scalable, cloud-based, and modular architecture

Pre-packaged digital data IP across 1.8 million HCPs

Content personalization engine and channel mix models

Customer engagement
Marketing spend
Set-up time and effort

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