What we offer

An integrated digital patient engagement platform that covers patient registration and consent management all the way through monitoring to improve health outcomes and therapy compliance

Who is it for

Heads of market access, PSP and commercial teams, digital organizations, innovation teams, and brand team

Why it’s important

Improve experience at each step of patient journey

Comply with patient data privacy standards

Reach a wider patient population across locations

How we deliver


We work with you to understand your patient support program goals and map the detailed patient journey in detail. Once we identify the gaps in your current process, we build an enhanced patient journey to drive engagement. 

We then set up the platform instance, integrate the essential services required with digital engagement touchpoints and begin to onboard patients. The platform monitors and tracks patients’ disease progression, educates them on better access to therapy and diagnostics services, notifies them to adhere to their prescriptions and also keeps the physician updated on the status; all of which leads to better therapy adherence. 

All through, our scalable and flexible platform delivers actionable, data-rich dashboards for marketing and patient care teams to further improve patient experience.

What makes us different

Quickly deployable, HIPAA and GDPR compliant

Expertise in patient privacy and regulatory compliance

Physical plus digital hybrid engagement model

Patient enrolment rate
Brands engaged
Therapy areas covered

Case study