What we offer

A module-based authoring platform that provides commercial and brand teams with a fast, efficient, and user-friendly way to create personalized tactics such as emails, banners, and e-detail using compliant modules and pre-defined templates.

Who is it for

Heads of commercial operations, marketing operations, brand marketers, and multichannel marketing leads

Why it’s important

Generate compliant tactics using pre-approved templates

Ensure faster time-to-market by reducing lengthy review cycles

Create and style personalized tactics with responsive design

How we deliver


The NEXT Tactic Management platform is highly customizable, integrates seamlessly with your existing marketing automation tools, and makes compliant tactic authoring fast and seamless. 

The platform allows you to configure brand-compliant templates that can be used as a base for authoring tactics. It consumes existing content modules with codified business rules and provides you with a drag-and-drop functionality to create, edit, and preview your final tactic. 

Post authoring, tactics can be submitted for MLR approval through seamless integrations with digital asset management (DAM) solutions. Approved tactics can then be sent to marketing automation platforms for the campaign execution and generation of analytics, driving more refined content personalization. 

What makes us different

Automated business rule compliance check limits risk and review effort

User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop features

Seamless integration with a variety of marketing automation tools

Out of the top 10 pharma enabled
Projects executed
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