Next-Generation Product Commercialization

Fully Integrated Product Commercialization Solutions

Indegene partners with life sciences companies to maximize customer engagement and drive additional revenues for mature products and provide an efficient & effective sales and marketing engine for launch of new products.

We partner with large pharmaceutical companies and smaller biotech firms by assuming complete commercial responsibility for their assets. We leverage our deep core capabilities in customer experience & hybrid selling enablement, marketing technology, data & analytics, and deep medical expertise to deliver enhanced sales with higher profitability.

We succeed in driving effective engagements at sales and marketing costs that are significantly lower than the industry averages by using our proprietary data & analytics and technology solutions that are combined with deep medical expertise and a comprehensive multichannel customer engagement approach.

Our co-commercialization solution stack comes with deeply embedded analytics that combines the power of customer journeys across channels and market mix models to significantly optimize dollar spends. The deeply embedded analytics help in designing & executing highly effective customer-centric campaigns. By leveraging variable commercial models that are flexible and adaptable to deliver desired outcomes, we cover the spectrum of product lifecycle—from early prelaunch all the way down to postlaunch.

All these are delivered through innovative commercial models in which we coinvest and share risks with our clients as their trusted partner.

Maximizing Revenue Acceleration for Brands

The Indegene Co-commercialization (CoCo) partnership model is the next phase in Product Commercialization (PC). Our model takes full ownership of operations including independent decision-making and seamlessly integrating a full suite of Indegene services and capabilities to drive revenue maximization for brands.

Unburdened by the constraints of legacy processes, technology, and stakeholder privileges (especially sales and marketing) of big pharma and biotech companies, Indegene is able to completely overhaul the go-to-market approach through expertise and experience in operationalizing a full range of capabilities that are enhanced with technology and proven, at global scale, to plan and execute a fully integrated, modern commercialization approach.

The current pharma and biotech commercial model has not sufficiently advanced as the industry is struggling to retrofit large, siloed, and sometimes outdated capabilities, remnant of a sales force-focused era to meet today's business challenges. This has led to tactic-driven go-to-market plans with heavy overhead and variable results at best. The executives now question the viability and ROI of non-sales force tactics in the absence of convincing and consistent data of effectiveness.


  • Retrofit-based commercial modernization

  • Go-to-market plans driven by tactics

  • Lack of integrated customer experience

  • Capital-intensive operating model

  • Field force-centered commercialization approach

  • Difficult to retrofit multiple channels to existing commercial ops infrastructure

  • Lack of automated, data-driven decision-making and optimization

  • Extensive lag time from analytic insight to implementing optimizations to the customer journeys

  • Extensive coordination, internal budgeting, and transfer pricing challenges to bring all the primary and supplementary capabilities needs to commercialize


  • Customer-first go-to-market strategy

  • Ability to use channels based on customer needs instead of what is available and retrofitting

  • Ease of bringing complementary and supplementary capabilities into go-to-market plans without lengthy and tedious internal coordination efforts

  • OpEx-focused model

  • Field force-integrated commercialization approach

  • Data and analytics insight tightly coupled with campaign and channel operations

  • KPI-driven commercialization model (operations, business, and outcome KPIs)

  • Modern commercial software-driven engagement

  • Transparent and convenient

Solution Overview

Indegene is a life sciences-focused company that integrates advanced Analytics, proprietary Technology, global Operations, and deep expertise in the business and science of Medicine (ATOM) to transform and modernize commercial and medical operations. As such, we have partnered with 10 of the top 25 biopharmaceutical companies to successfully transform their operations and deliver measurable outcomes such as streamlining global content and campaign operations for the 3 most advanced clients while delivering $75MM in cost-saving; an additional $250MM savings projected as the scope expands over the next 2.5 years.

Pillar Description Benefit for Our Clients
Full range of capabilities
  • Full range of commercial capabilities including field personnel
  • Full range of medical services
  • Already implemented and in market with dozens of life-science clients
  • Single partner to completely outsource product commercialization for launch, in-line and mature brands
  • Internal capabilities with an exception of physical distribution and samples
  • Compliant, experienced, and proven capabilities at lower cost
Integration and automation of business processes and execution
  • Proven, purpose-build IP to fill known gaps in processes and capabilities for commercial and medical operations
  • More than a decade of investments in developing innovative technology by building new and verticalizing leading technology solutions into life sciences
  • Fully integrated processes and out-of-the-box technologies
  • Ability to connect and interface with client infrastructure without causing disruption
  • Effective operations with the ability to scale efficiently
Enhanced planning and execution
  • Terabytes of proprietary channel preference and response data
  • Ability to build psychosocial profiles from social media and publicly available information
  • Integrated Artificial Intelligence to automate analytics insight and decision-making
  • Improved client engagement through higher relevance and channel optimization and fine-tuned segmentation and messaging
  • More granular marketing and channel mix planning and execution
  • Operationalized closed-loop marketing through deeper insight, automated ongoing optimization, and direct pathways to drive analytics into actionable tactical execution

Indegene provides a simplified client interface at 3 different levels of partnership

Indegene owns and delivers entire commercial and medical operation (product distribution and sampling through a partner) and only requires periodical oversight with product sponsor based on Indegene’s KPI framework, dashboards, and reports

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