The Customer

Client is a Japanese life sciences company with a strong track record in pharmaceuticals and medical device space. Client was looking for effective patient recruitment solutions for an ongoing lumbar disk herniation phase 3 trial


  1. Low conversion rate from primary to secondary patient screening impacted  randomized recruitment targets
  2. Building confidence among potential participants during the screening process by providing them with appropriate, reliable and timely information about the trial study
  3. Sub-optimal engagement of qualified patients resulted in patient dropouts

The Solution

We deployed our in-house Registered Nurses Concierge based in the US to develop and deploy a secondary screening program.

The trained nurses in respective therapy area facilitated empathetic and informative conversations, resulting in better engagement and improved experiences for volunteers who qualified primary screening.

With a callback time at less than 30 minutes post registration and primary screening, the concierge service enhanced reception and engagement while reducing patient dropouts.

Indegene’s hybrid concierge screening enrolls patients for trials
Conversion rate
Primary screening qualified patients
Qualified patients
Indegene’s hybrid concierge screening enrolls patients for trials


The client received a steady and streamlined flow of patients for their phase 3 trial because of concierge-based secondary screening led by experts.

At a 16% conversion rate, we facilitated approximately 400 qualified patients from 2,500 primary screening qualified participants.

The deployment led to encouraging results in the pilot program such as contract extensions and 10x increased scope in secondary screening responsibilities.