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Building a purpose-driven brand that enables future ready healthcare​

1 Aug 2021

Guest Column: Milesh Gogad, CMO, Indegene talks about building a purpose-driven brand that enables future ready healthcare

Covid-19 tested the healthcare industry's purpose. In a short span of time, healthcare organizations developed life-saving products, while pivoting to a digital-first operating model. At Indegene, we are proud and humbled to play our role in supporting their mission.

Especially in these times, our work matters more. Our customers, teams and partners feel inspired by our purpose. They value our team's deep healthcare expertise, fit-for-purpose technology, and agile culture. Customers appreciate the conversations we orchestrate with healthcare peers to provoke their strategy and operations. They recognize the industriousness of our teams.

These values reflect in our brand purpose – to enable healthcare organizations to be future ready.

From our founding days, we wanted to build a differentiated, global organization. We had a passion for healthcare and knew the prevalent operating model was inefficient. We recognized technology to be a great enabler to fix some of healthcare's challenges. We knew it had a strong role in healthcare's future. And even then, we wanted to be the team that enables healthcare organizations to be ready for that future. As we grew, our portfolio expanded substantially and we doubled down on our technology IP.

Our brand needed to reflect this new Indegene while sustaining its purpose.

Our new brand underscores this promise to healthcare organizations – to facilitate their bold, credible vision; accelerate and scale outcomes non-linearly; and deliver a personalized customer experience.

Even our brand expression shares this ethos. The FRH (Future Ready Healthcare) mark in our logo (part of the 'n') celebrates the convergence of healthcare and technology. It shows the juxtaposition of traditional and modern practices in healthcare. Its dual arrow-heads depict accelerated, forward motion and dynamism. And its direction cues growth and optimism. Our typeface and colours radiate the knowledge, energy and approachability of our team.

Indegene has grown tremendously over the last 20 years. Apart from business growth, we scaled up our passionate team to about 4,000, and earned the trust of close to 100 healthcare organizations and 750 brands. We are not done yet, our brand's journey just started. There's a lot to be done to enable #FutureReadyHealthcare