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Indegene Academy to accelerate digital skills for pharma professionals

27 Mar 2020

BENGALURU: Indegene, a global solutions provider to the life science and biotech industry, has launched Indegene Academy to accelerate digital upskilling amongst industry professionals. The company has launched this as a global service for nuanced learning in the highly regulated pharma industry, and the initiative is expected to fastrack digital application with domain knowledge and evolve nimble response mechanisms for pharma stakeholders.

“Mass open online courses (MOOCs) are not able to address specific learning needs for the pharma industry. Variations in learning needs by level and job role need to be factored in as well. Even with the combination of self-learning and content from learning and development teams, the approach remains restrictive in scope, coverage, application, and measurement. Indegene Academy aims to fill this vital gap,” said Anand Kiran, EVP, Indegene.

The topics are specifically curated to address immediate needs, starting from artificial intelligence (AI) foundations for drug discovery and medical affairs.

Pharma professionals need better understanding of the subsets of AI such as machine learning (ML) and deep learning, recognise the types of ML and process automation, and describe the various natural language technologies. Other courses providing information on Code of Conduct and compliant interactions with healthcare professionals, review of promotional materials will play a significant role in bringing agility to the product commercialisation teams. For freshers, courses on anatomy and physiology for better understanding of disease and drug action will be added shortly.

Physicians and patients expect the pharma industry to be responsive and responsible for enabling dispensing of early treatment and effective outcomes. The current Covid-19 crisis is a case in point.

“The archaic ways of working and the legacy systems need to make way for more agile and nimble response mechanisms enabled by a systematic enterprise-wide digital upskilling strategy,” added Anand.

Indegene employs 2500+ people across its offices in North America, Europe, India and China. The company works with the top 20 global life sciences companies.

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