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Indegene Acquires DT Associates, Provides End-To-End Enterprise Solution for Customer Excellence - from Consulting to Operations

4 Sep 2019

BENGALURU, Sept. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Indegene, a leading next-generation solutions organization for the Life Sciences industry globally, has entered into an agreement to acquire a majority stake in London-based DT Associates, a consulting company exclusively focused on helping pharmaceutical companies achieve excellence in Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Operations (DX). DT Associates will operate as a separate entity in Indegene Private Ltd, as 'DT Consulting' effective immediately.

"Right now, we see Life Sciences organizations struggle to overhaul their commercial model to close down on shifting customer needs, as well as thrive on business technology changes and operational and capital efficiencies. We believe that the modern commercial organization is more customer-centric than what it is today and will deliver enhanced sales with higher profitability by using enterprise-wide capabilities that allow for customer engagement with intelligence, scale, speed, and context. While we successfully offer extensive capabilities already in customer experience and hybrid selling enablement, marketing technology, data & analytics, and medical expertise; with the addition of DT we can truly help our clients end-to-end—from objectively measuring the current maturity of digital and customer excellence, to designing commercial models that suit them best, to further supporting clients with change management throughout their transformation journeys," said Manish Gupta, Chairman and CEO, Indegene.

"We thank DT's leadership for supporting this acquisition and look forward to building out an even stronger enterprise solution for Customer Excellence," added Dr. Rajesh Nair, President, Indegene Inc.

Tim van Tongeren, Managing Partner - DT Associates Limited, said: "It didn't take a long time to realize Indegene and DT have a common vision for the future in Life Sciences. When differentiated customer experiences become the core business driver, you as a consulting and operations partner will be required to define, plan, implement and optimize this for clients. I believe we are uniquely positioned to do so end-to-end with our clients." Dennis van Rooij, Managing Partner - DT Associates Limited, adds: "The prospect of helping our clients beyond DX/CX measurement, benchmarking, and transformation management consulting, with deep expertise and capabilities in establishing consolidated centers of excellence for digital content, channel operations, performance measurement, and customer innovation is very exciting."

Since being founded in 2014, DT Associates successfully helped large pharmaceuticals around the world identify, plan for and capture the commercial opportunity behind their DX/CX transformation, and developed proprietary solutions for the objective measurement of Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Maturity (DX). Next to its diverse services portfolio, DT Consulting is an industry-leading source of DX/CX transformation insights, best practices, and peer-to-peer networking for DX/CX senior leaders. Its client roster includes companies such as Pfizer, Sanofi, AstraZeneca, Takeda, Novo Nordisk and more.

About Indegene

Indegene (https://www.indegene.com) enables global health care organizations address complex challenges and drive better health and business outcomes by seamlessly integrating analytics, technology, operations, and medical expertise. Indegene is at the forefront of driving innovation by combining medical expertise with contemporary digital and artificial intelligence technologies; resulting in IP, patents, and transformational solutions for the life sciences industry.

About DT Consulting

DT Consulting (www.dt-associates.com) helps pharmaceutical firms achieve digital excellence to create successful customer experiences - an essential component of continued business success in the age of digital disruption.

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