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Indegene and QURE Launch Variation IQ - A Transformational Solution to Reduce Clinical Variation, Cut Costs, and Improve Quality

19 JAN 2017

ISELIN, N.J., Jan. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Indegene, a leader in value-based healthcare solutions, announced a strategic partnership with QURE Healthcare, the leading provider of case-based physician engagement, to launch Variation IQ – a transformational solution for health systems, ACOs and provider organizations to reduce clinical variation, cut costs, and improve care quality.

Variation IQ offers health systems a unique, integrated solution to improve financial performance and clinical quality by reducing clinical practice variation, a significant contributor to excess healthcare costs. Variation IQ integrates Indegene's cutting-edge

SmartCare® enterprise analytics with QURE's highly regarded Clinical Performance and Value (CPV®) vignette physician engagement approach. The combined solution prioritizes cost savings opportunities for health systems, drives practice standardization, and delivers financial and clinical benefits.

Indegene Healthcare

Variation IQ will benefit organizations focused on cost reduction and quality improvement initiatives as a top priority driven by value-based contracts and bundled payment programs. The solution is a stand-alone system that does not impact the existing IT, analytics, or data infrastructure, thereby enabling quick startups and faster delivery of clinical and financial results.

Dr Rajesh Nair, President, Indegene Inc., said "Variation IQ is a significant addition to our ability to partner with healthcare clients as they enter into value-based care contracts. Indegene's analytics and technology capabilities combined with QURE's clinical expertise and track record will be a formidable combination providing significant value to clients."

Professor John Peabody, President, QURE Healthcare, said "Indegene will augment our physician engagement expertise with important insights from patient-level clinical and claims data. This partnership will help health systems and patients see financial and clinical benefits that come from consistent, evidence-based care."

About Indegene Healthcare

Indegene Healthcare (www.indegenehealthcare.com) delivers next-generation solutions for healthcare organizations leveraging significant capabilities across Analytics, Technology, Operations, and Medical Expertise (ATOM). Indegene has a strong focus on IP and innovation, with a full portfolio of outcome solutions for Value-Based Care Transformation. Indegene Healthcare is a subsidiary of Indegene, a leading global healthcare solutions organization with offices across North America, Europe, and Emerging Markets.

About QURE Healthcare

QURE Healthcare (www.qurehealthcare.com) is a results-driven firm committed to elevating clinical practice to improve quality and reduce unnecessary spending. QURE's core technology platform, Clinical Performance and Value (CPV®) vignettes, is a validated measure of clinical practice shown to change physician behavior by engaging practicing clinicians with individual and group feedback. CPV®vignettes have been used by tens of thousands of providers working in nearly every clinical discipline, and featured in dozens of peer-reviewed publications.

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