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Indegene launches a complete range of MCM services specifically focused on integrated brand-product promotions

12 Dec 2013

Indegene’s Multi-channel Marketing (MCM) division has launched a suite of brand-focused solutions for the brand marketing teams. These solutions leverage Indegene’s robust and integrated Multi-channel Marketing (iMCM) framework to help the sales and marketing teams increase the outreach of their brands, while optimising the spend. Brand Promotion Solutions will help clients deploy successful MCM programmes with a ubiquitous, distributed, and integrated approach.

Rajesh Nair, President, Indegene Inc., said "We are excited to launch a complete suite of Brand-Focused MCM Solutions as a part of our MCM capabilities. These solutions are specifically focused at brand marketing teams to fill gaps in Sales Force coverage and increase Share of Voice. These solutions are intended to complement the Sales Force and drive prescriptions with targeted customers."

Brand teams across the industry are looking to increase their reach and frequency beyond the traditional Sales Force efforts by adding various digital and complementary tactics to their existing promotional mix. However, many such programmes are fragmented and only reach a small audience, and engaging more targets via multiple tactics and channels become time consuming and impact budgets, as operations and content development quickly spiral out of control.

Indegene's MCM Brand Promotion Solutions are built on three success factors. They are:

  • Ubiquitous promotion: Indegene’s ability to quickly and easily launch MCM programmes across multiple tactics and channels helps to syndicate fragmented HCP audiences and to achieve a broad reach into the targeted list.
  • Distributed content model: Indegene’s approach to cost-effectively leverage existing strategy, messaging, and promotional assets helps in optimising their impact across multiple tactics and channels.
  • Integrated MCM: Indegene's iMCM technology platform provides a cost-effective solution for brand teams to integrate offline and online channels in their MCM campaign for a seamless HCP user experience and to increase reach, frequency, and impact of campaigns by capturing interaction data to improve response and trigger follow-up actions across all tactics.
  • In the past, such an approach required coordination with multiple vendor partners and a lengthy implementation of data and technology infrastructure. Indegene’s MCM Brand Promotion Solutions with iMCM provides brand managers with a robust and comprehensive suite of solutions that can be deployed in a concise manner at the brand-level. With HCPs at the centre of focus, brand managers can deploy these solutions to increase physician interactions by optimising a channel mix that is effective, scalable, and economical, including HCP recruitment across multiple proprietary platforms—E-Detailing (self-directed), email, web, mobile, tablet, hcp portals, online media, video-detailing, tele-detailing, direct mail, multi-channel sample order generation, and service call centres.

    Indegene has a dedicated team of MCM experts. This team works with the brand managers to customise MCM solutions, right from the early stages of understanding their business needs, defining solutions, and finalising the concepts and go-to-market strategy for MCM to executing different operational tactics.

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