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Indegene's mantra for its employees is Get Fit, Eat Right and Stay Healthy

17 Nov 2020

Ranked among India’s 100 Best Workplaces for Women (2020), Indegene is a leading focused healthcare solutions company with a unique blend of life science domain expertise and state-of-the-art technology capabilities. Headquartered in Bangalore, with offices across the world, Indegene is partner to most of the world’s Top 25 pharma companies helping transform their commercial and medical operations.

With offices in the US, the UK, China, India, and Australia, Indegene partners globally with clients, leverages a global talent pool of clinicians, scientists, technologists, creative specialists, domain experts, and business process specialists, deploys global infrastructure assets, and harnesses global healthcare knowledge to solve complex industry challenges.

Being a people-driven business, Indegene hires a large number of women employees at all levels. Women with expertise in a wide variety of fields, including scientific content writing, creative designing, technology, analytics, program operations, client servicing, account management, and managerial and leadership positions, join Indegene. Today, women constitute 41% of the global workforce. “Women colleagues at all levels are playing important roles in Indegene’s growth”, says Manish Gupta, Chairman and CEO. “Along with their expertise and experience, they bring diverse talent and energies to the organization and Indegene believes in making them equal stakeholders in the exciting, challenging, and growing space of global healthcare," he adds.

Indegene fosters entrepreneurial culture with prudence and with values of passion, innovation, and collaboration embedded in the organization’s DNA. The company deeply believes all Indegeons are responsible for creating positive work environment and everybody has the opportunity to contribute to a remarkable and rewarding growth story in his/her own way. At Indegene, people practices are designed to provide a platform for growth and continuous learning, flexible policies to contribute effectively, and opportunities to share ideas for growth and development, while keeping the focus on health and well-being of every individual.

Indegene Cares

Indegene Cares is a home-grown initiative, built and honed over several years, that assists employees in maintaining work-life balance through a number of thoughtful and appropriate bouquet of employee offerings.

Indegeon First supports daily chores that could easily be neglected by individuals in the rush of work-related matters. A number of touchpoints address their needs through concierge services, financial wellness programs, and social and fun elements on a daily basis.

Indegene recognizes that women colleagues across their life cycle have different needs and aspirations and focuses on tailoring initiatives to address many of them.

With maternity period being the most precious time for any woman, Indegene flexibly addresses the needs on individual basis. Indegene has set up a lactation room with advanced equipment based on recommendation by doctors and specialists.

Indegene has tie-ups with agencies to assist young mothers in nuclear families to cope with childcare in the absence of caretakers at home.

Indegene also has tie-ups with day-care facilities in the office premises and employees can avail services with a discount. All employees are entitled to 5 days of free day-care service for their children every month.

Indegene Emergency Response Team, which has equal representation of women and men colleagues, takes care of women colleagues facing health issues at work by guiding, checking, and supporting them to get prompt health assistance. In fact, the Emergency Response Team functions in the work-from-home mode as well.

MyHealthMatters: Custom Health Programs for Women

Being in the healthcare space, Indegene places premium on employee health and well-being. An important and very visible health and well-being initiative established over the years is MyHealthMatters (MHM).

This initiative, personally monitored at the senior leadership level, is designed to empower employees with the right knowledge and support to stay healthy.

Today, MHM – with the motto ”Get Fit, Eat Right and Stay Healthy”– invests in maintaining a positive environment for happy and healthy Indegeons. “MHM has 4 areas of focus– annual health check-up, personalized risk assessment, personalized health interventions, health support, and wellness activities.”– Bina Patil, Vice President, Human Resources.

MHM focuses on the health and well-being of Indegeons keeping factors like age, gender, lifestyle challenges, and stage of life cycle in perspective. The members decide on custom interventions designed to meet the needs of different groups.

The members decide on custom interventions designed to meet the needs of different groups. MHM e-portal provides health and fitness benefits, health intervention programs, and extended health benefit to the families with a special focus on women. Its flexibility enables convenient access to wellness initiatives. Various online and onsite activities are planned keeping in mind the Health Check Analysis for women, such as cervical test, breast scan, and talk on PCOS and motherhood. The e-portal helps analyze individual reports and usage of wellness benefits by each member and plan targeted actions and other activities to increase usage, including positive reinforcements to those who have availed the benefits of the wellness initiatives.

Mental Wellness

Mental well-being is an important part of staying healthy and happy. MHM provides Indegeons opportunities to understand, seek, and get help for psychological or emotional issues. The program has a number of counselors who cater to the psychosocial, psychological, and emotional well-being needs of the individuals. There is a special focus on women dealing with issues such as managing partners and family, parenting, postpartum stress, or managing work-life balance. The counselors conduct sessions twice a month to address the employees’ personal and professional concerns. The counseling service at work serves as a developmental model rather than a problem-solving model, which in turn aids in building a healthy organizational environment. Interested employees reach out to the counselor based on the assistance they need. Complete confidentiality is maintained at all times through the process.

The counselors provide personal support, emotional help, and encouragement, as well as any assistance needed to help individuals find their own balance and develop a healthy mental framework to move on with positivity.

Manager Empowerment and Employee Development

Being in the healthcare space powered by knowledge, it is essential to be agile with changing times and requirements – one just cannot apply the same skills everywhere. Managers play an essential role in motivating team members to enhance their skills with time and acquire new skills and learnings. Managers are empowered with necessary trainings, information, and guidance to help their teams define and progress on their career path. Indegene has tailored training plans for managers at different levels in their career journey. One of the key result areas (KRAs) for managers is employee development, which includes meaningful career conversation with team members, fixing goals to align with their career aspirations, drawing up individual development plans, and suggesting relevant remediation and trainings to upskill the team members.

ATHENA: By Women For Women

While Indegene’s people practices cater to the company at large, women in the organization have formed a group of their own – ATHENA. Run by a committee elected by women colleagues, the group focuses on engaging women colleagues in Indegene offices across the globe.

The group is inclusive and brings global teams together, with technology providing the necessary online platform. ATHENA, completely designed and developed in-house, provides the platform for discussions, knowledge and idea sharing, showcasing positive role models, encouraging members to contribute in meaningful ways, and seamlessly interacting with colleagues across the globe, often building long-term relationships beyond immediate work.

Indegene celebrates personal and professional growth of women employees in ways that are empowering, helping them grow with the company, and cherishes being among India’s Best Workplaces for Women.

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