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Tellius and Indegene Partner to Help Life Sciences Companies Enhance Patient Journeys with Faster Data-Backed Decision Making

12 May 2022

The partnership will offer AI-driven commercial and real-world data analytics to significantly accelerate speed-to-patient-insights

RESTON, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Tellius today announced a partnership with Indegene, a technology-led healthcare solutions provider. The partnership will combine Tellius’ AI-driven decision intelligence platform with Indegene’s deep healthcare domain knowledge and advanced data and analytics expertise, enabling companies to drive faster and better business decisions that elevate patient journeys.

As life sciences organizations work towards becoming more patient-centric, capturing every patient interaction becomes crucial to elevating the overall experience. However, with the exponential amount of diverse patient data generated every day, life sciences organizations often struggle to connect the dots seamlessly without a robust analytical infrastructure in place. Traditional business intelligence tools make data access, exploration, and sharing challenging—particularly for organizations in heavily regulated industries like life sciences. As a result, these organizations are missing out on valuable patient insights that fuel business decisions.

To help life sciences companies get faster access to data and be able to generate meaningful insights, Tellius has created a platform that simplifies analytics and accelerates the generation of insights across an entire organization. Tellius Decision Intelligence allows users to search and query across diverse data sets to understand what has changed, why it changed, and what actions should be taken. With Tellius, analysts and business teams can make better data-driven decisions related to market access, payer analytics, commercial effectiveness, and more.

As a digital transformation partner, Indegene helps global life sciences companies of all sizes modernize their data stacks with Tellius. The company will support onboarding, implementation, and success, ensuring every customer is able to leverage the full power of decision intelligence based on prescriber, patient, and market data.

Through the new partnership, Tellius and Indegene have developed an analytical framework that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning models to help life sciences organizations read and visualize patient data at scale. The framework generates granular insights into the patient journey by analyzing large data sets on prescriptions, medical history, diagnosis, and all other information gathered across various patient touchpoints. This not only empowers organizations to understand patient adherence patterns and reasons behind brand switching, but also helps them identify new segments of patients who are likely to benefit from specific drugs.

“We are excited to collaborate with Tellius to empower life sciences organizations with advanced, AI-driven analytical capabilities that comfortably place them within reach of insights-ready data sets. Through this partnership, we will place the right tools in the hands of commercial teams, allowing them to quickly uncover valuable insights—from root causes to business drivers and more—hidden across a large volume of healthcare data silos. We look forward to driving impactful outcomes together as we help life sciences organizations be future-ready,” says Vinod Badami, VP and Global Head of Data and Analytics, Indegene.

“Indegene is creating even more opportunities for life sciences companies to digitally transform and become truly data-driven,” said Ajay Khanna, CEO and Founder, Tellius. “We recognize their expertise in this important market and have partnered with them to extend the reach of our platform to every forward-thinking, innovative life sciences organization in the world. It is our mission to help businesses make smarter, faster business decisions with data, and our work with Indegene will take that mission to the next level.”

Both Indegene and Tellius will be participating in the Pharmaceutical Management Science Association (PMSA) 2022 Annual Conference, taking place May 15-18 in Louisville, KY. Tellius will be leading a workshop, “Leveraging AI-powered Analytics for Pharmaceutical Brand Performance” on May 15, while Indegene’s session, “Unlocking the Power of Social Selling with Data and Analytics,” takes place on May 16.

To learn more about Tellius for pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, visit here or request a demo.

About Tellius

Tellius is an AI-driven decision intelligence platform that enables anyone to get faster insights from their data. The company helps organizations across industries, including financial services, pharmaceutical, and life sciences, retail, healthcare, and high technology, accelerate their journey from data to decisions by augmenting human expertise and curiosity with intelligent automation. The company’s platform combines AI- and ML-driven automation with a search interface for ad hoc exploration, allowing users to ask questions of their business data, analyze billions of records in seconds, and gain comprehensive, automated insights in a single platform. Founded in 2016, Tellius is backed by Sands Capital Ventures, Grotech Ventures, and Veraz Investments.

To learn more, follow Tellius on LinkedIn and Twitter, or visit www.tellius.com.

About Indegene

Indegene is a technology-led healthcare solutions provider. It combines deep industry expertise with fit-for-purpose technology in an agile and scalable operating model. Many of the leading, global healthcare organizations rely on Indegene to deliver effective and efficient clinical, medical and commercial outcomes every day. From strategy to execution, Indegene enables healthcare organizations to be future ready. To learn more about how Indegene delivers on its purpose, please visit www.indegene.com.

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