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The Indian Institute of Science and Ignite Life Science Foundation announce strategic collaboration with Indegene to advance scientific discoveries in India

12 Jun 2024
Bengaluru, June 12, 2024: The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), India's premier institute for advanced scientific and technological research and education, and Ignite Life Science Foundation (LSF), a Bengaluru-based science philanthropy that aims to leverage scientific discoveries for social good, today announced that they have joined hands with Indegene, a digital-first, life sciences commercialization company, to advance scientific discoveries in India.
"We are excited to collaborate with Indegene and Ignite and appreciate their support. This is a great step forward in advancing scientific discoveries in India and paves the way for accelerating scientific innovation in the coming days", said Professor G. Mugesh, IISc, Bengaluru.
Professor Mugesh's work is focused on "Small Molecule GPX Mimetics for the Prevention of Cardiovascular and Neurodegenerative Diseases." Indegene and Ignite LSF have supported IISc with a new multimode plate reader with absorbance, fluorescence, and luminescence capabilities essential for laboratory experiments in this area.
"The multiplate reader will increase throughput and accelerate experiments. Rich biological data can drive the generation of new insights and open up fresh areas for investigation" said Dr. T. S. Balganesh, member of Ignite's Scientific Advisory Board & President and a Director on the board of GangaGen Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru.
"As an organization founded to enable future-ready healthcare, we are committed to being the catalysts for the change we need in the communities we work in. We are delighted to support IISc and Ignite to help advance scientific innovation," said Manish Gupta, Chairman and CEO, Indegene Limited.
Need for advancing scientific discoveries in cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases space
Cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases affect millions of people worldwide. As the world's population ages, the burden of these diseases is likely to become more prevalent. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), neurodegenerative diseases will become the second leading cause of death worldwide by 2040, necessitating the requirement of effective treatment and preventative strategies to alleviate the global burden.
Emerging studies have shown that ferroptosis, a newly identified form of cell death characterized by iron-dependent accumulation of lipid peroxides, plays a key role in the pathological cell death associated with diverse neurodegenerative diseases such as traumatic brain injury, hemorrhagic stroke, ischemic stroke, Alzheimer's disease (AD), Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease, and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and various cardiovascular diseases. Thus, inhibition of ferroptosis offers a promising therapeutic opportunity to treat many neurological diseases.
In humans, the selenoenzyme glutathione peroxidase 4 (GPX4) can directly detoxify toxic lipid hydroperoxides using glutathione as a cofactor, thereby preventing ferroptosis. The lab at IISc is focused on the development of novel small molecules and nanomaterial-based functional mimetics of GPX4, which can inhibit ferroptosis and thereby provide protective mechanisms against the above-mentioned diseases. As the lab is a drug discovery lab, there is a need to screen many molecules to identify the lead compounds, which involves multiple screening systems.
About IISc
The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) was established in 1909, and over the years, IISc has become India's premier institute for education and advanced research. IISc attracts the best young faculty members trained in the best laboratories around the world and it consistently figures among the top Indian institutions in world university rankings. Further details are available at www.iisc.ac.in
About Indegene
Indegene Limited (BSE: 544172, NSE: INDGN) is a digital-first, life sciences commercialization company. It helps biopharmaceutical, emerging biotech, and medical device companies develop products, get them to the market, and grow their impact through the life cycle in a more effective, efficient, and modern way. Indegene brings together healthcare domain expertise, fit-for-purpose technology, and an agile operating model to provide a diverse range of solutions. These aim to deliver, amongst other outcomes, a personalized, scalable, and omnichannel experience for patients and physicians. It’s what drives Indegene’s team and their purpose to enable healthcare organizations to be future-ready. To learn more, please visit www.indegene.com
About Ignite Life Science Foundation
Ignite Life Science Foundation (ILSF), a Section 8 not-for-profit foundation, was launched on January 15, 2020, by Nobel Laureate Dr. Venki Ramakrishnan. Ignite's purpose is to promote a vibrant ecosystem for scientific research in India by working with the stakeholder community, including philanthropists, scientists, policymakers in the Government, and the beneficiaries of the outcomes of scientific research.
Ignite funds good science! But it does much more than that. It lowers barriers for young and promising investigators to get funding, simplifies the process for obtaining funding with greater emphasis on the scientific merit of the projects being funded. Efficient project execution is key, and Ignite supports the investigator through the life cycle of the project to ensure high-quality project execution. Upon project completion, the foundation supports the investigator in the translational work needed to make the project outcome ready for practical use and commercial development (when appropriate).
Along with project funding, Ignite helps build scientist communities, partners with other private foundations with similar goals, helps train young scientists through the Ignite Fellow program, and fills gaps in the research ecosystem. These make up the foundation's sustainability initiatives that sustain the impact of what Ignite does over the long term.
Ignite Life Science Foundation (ILSF) is promoted by eminent scientists, academicians, and management professionals.

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