What we offer

Personalized customer experiences through strategy, setup, and end-to-end management of global and local technology-based medical information (MI) functions, including customer platform development, content creation, and query handling

Who is it for

Heads of medical affairs, medical information and digital transformation teams

Why it’s important

Improve customer engagement across markets

Enhance content and query management efficiencies

Reduce costs of managing medical information functions

How we deliver


We provide end-to-end medical information solutions customized to the business vision and requirements of global healthcare organizations, backed by 20+ years of medical information experience across multiple therapeutic areas and geographies. 

We leverage AI/ML technologies to enable modular and automated content lifecycle management, intelligent query management capabilities, develop self-service interfaces like live chatbots and MI web platforms while also generating data-driven insights that enhance HCP engagements and maximize internal productivity. The solution effortlessly integrates with existing CRM tools and MI databases for query fulfilment and insights.

Featured Technology

What makes us different

Artificial intelligence driven content creation

Multilingual content and query management support

Expertise across over 30 therapeutic areas

Standard responses created/updated
Cost savings versus local agencies
Compliance on AE/PQC triage
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