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28 May 2021

I joined Indegene recently and am beyond thrilled!

I started my career as a Clinical Pharmacist, where I was fortunate to work with physicians to improve drug therapy for patients. It was great and fulfilling to work with patients, physicians, and students to optimize drug therapy. I thought I could have a larger impact on the overall care and outcomes of patients; so I decided to enter the pharmaceutical industry as a Medical Science Liaison (MSL).

Fast forward two decades and I am developing a team of MSLs at Indegene. MSLs are listening day in and day out to issues related to the treatment paradigm and how this impacts patient care, access to treatments, and physician practices. Indegene is leveraging leading-edge technology and medical expertise to help pharma companies’ Medical Affairs teams better understand and meet the needs of patients and physicians, which is essential for improving patient care and optimizing outcomes. These tools are crucial in today’s healthcare system to assist HCPs in getting access to the information they require as quickly and as concisely as possible.

The purpose of my work has remained the same in the last two decades, but I am fortunate to have taken up a wide variety of roles. Working through the ambiguity to define strategy, process, and structure has always been a challenge I have enjoyed. For anyone looking to make a career as an MSL, I would advise you to keep continually learning. My career growth has been propelled by being comfortable with working outside my comfort zone. I learnt not to let the ambiguity be a hurdle to my progress but continue to work to gain clarity. I was also not afraid of being the first to do or define the work. I also suggest building a solid network of colleagues and be willing to help them out whenever you can.

I am very excited to join Indegene just at the right time when healthcare organizations urgently need to transform digitally. We, as a company, are committed to enabling #FutureReadyHealthcare by developing technologies that are specific to their challenges. Helping healthcare organizations discern and understand key information available in all the data sources available will be essential for brands to ensure that they are meeting customer needs and improving patient outcomes.

P.S.: I am also building my team. Do get in touch with me if you want to have a conversation or understand Indegene’s work or culture!.


Kay Uttech
Kay Uttech