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Indegene opportunity abounds

5 May 2021

I recently joined Indegene, and I am beyond excited!

Helping our customers become successful is important now more than ever - so they can continue to improve the lives of patients that desperately need help. Much of the pharma world is still traditional in its approach. This is where Indegene is changing the model and doing things differently. I am leading a brilliant team at Indegene, which is focused on helping emerging biotech companies come to market more efficiently and effectively, leveraging forward-looking technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

I have worked at some of the best companies in the world, both large and very small. I have seen and experienced how different organizations function. I have been part of organizational cultures that were extremely formal, focused, and analytical and also some that were more collegial, relaxed, and yet performance focused. Indegene, I believe has the best of all those characteristics in its culture. It is an organization of almost 4000 people, but it feels like a smaller, more entrepreneurial, and flat organization, which I can tell you is rare. It is not easy to scale culture as you grow but we have managed to do so.

I am thrilled by this opportunity and fascinated by the culture. It is incredible to see how much support colleagues are given to pursue their ideas. That support creates real opportunities. Opportunity is driven by the founders within Indegene and also from the market situation. It is rare to work for a company that is in a rapid growth mode while at the same time being within an industry that is also growing and transforming rapidly. Many of us never get to experience either, much less both. But when it happens, opportunity abounds. Opportunity to develop yourself and your skills. Opportunity to choose what to work on, and most importantly, opportunity to help our clients impact lives.

I have worked at companies with great talent and products. I am continually impressed with the talent and, most importantly, the humility and kindness of the amazing colleagues at Indegene. These "Indigeons," as we call them, are smart, driven and absolutely dedicated to our clients and their patients and are creating a massive impact.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about Indegene. It is a great place to work and a terrific place to build a career. I love being here and if the over 400+ new jobs that are posted tell us anything, opportunity abounds!


Timothy Moore
Timothy Moore