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My first 100 days working at Indegene

2 Mar 2021

Someone recently asked me how my first few days at Indegene have been. Made me realize it's been 100 days here already. Phew! Having seen many friends take up new roles during the pandemic, I was not as much concerned about joining a new workplace remotely. But what came after that completely blew me away. Here's how I feel about my First 100 days at Indegene -

Learning opportunity - Healthcare is obviously a new industry for me and one I never imagined working in, given my prior experience in more industrial sectors. But more than the healthcare industry, my learning has been around marketing and leadership. Marketing has changed so much since I started working, I feel like a fresher excited about my first day after B-school. Customers and talent want to increasingly work with purpose driven brands. And at Indegene, we need both. That's why my top priorities are building the brand and building the team (evidently as our job postings go :)). It's not something I prioritized as much earlier, but it's fundamental to anything we do now. From quirky campaigns to thought provoking conversations, I am excited about the new marketing muscle I am building.

Growth conversations - If the sheer number of our open roles are anything to go by, we are growing at breakneck speed. Marketing is exciting at organizations where growth dominates conversations. Every day, we get up from bed thinking what can we do to grow our customers, our brand and our business. It's vital for hyper growth organizations to make decisions quickly ... the risk of procrastination is just too high. It is liberating and scary at the same time. Either ways, I am enjoying this ride!

Exhausting, yet fulfilling - With so much going on at Indegene, I feel physically and mentally exhausted, every day. It's also extremely fulfilling, emotionally. When your work has purpose and makes an impact at an organization level, it is immensely gratifying! That's how I feel at the end of every day! When your team knows its craft deeply and is working hard every day to make an impact, you cannot but feel inspired to pitch in equal measure.

I imagine this is how a #FutureReadyWorkplace would look like now. If you joined a new workplace recently, how does your #First100 feel like?

PS: All views are personal.


Milesh Gogad
Milesh Gogad