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A large pharma company optimized patient screening and recruitment for a rare disease using Indegene’s RWD solution for disease landscaping

The biopharma company wanted to identify AL and ATTR amyloidosis patients with Cardiac amyloidosis early in the onset of the disease to shorten the disease diagnosis and prognosis time


  • Early patient screening & identification is of paramount importance in ATTR patients as heart failure is almost inevitable in these cases. However, ​with traditional screening methods, timely diagnosis is difficult as the symptoms are rarely indicative of the disease and often lead to false positive screenings.

The Solution

Deployed a framework and identified Phenotypic Cardiac Markers at different stages to screen and enroll patients

Created a web and survey questionnaires based on insights generated from disease landscaping

Interlinked page engagement data with our US + Bangalore call-center to enable outreach within 5-15 mins of pre-screener data-submission on study website


Identified 3 biomarkers for optimal screening which are Primary Intrinsic CM, Renal Disease Induced Edema, and Cardiomegaly

Screened 300 new patients every month

Referred and Consented rate improved from 3% to 9%