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An eyecare company successfully engages over 60% of its target audience during a brand re-launch ​

The Customer

A global leader in manufacturing eye care products needed to build a robust re-launch strategy for a brand it had recently acquired. Its main goal was to drive awareness of the new brand among healthcare professionals (HCPs) and increase prescription volumes.


  • No single source of truth to create a unified 360° view of HCPs ​

    Limited salesforce insights affecting the strategic distribution of resources​​

    Difficulty in identifying channel and content requirements for personalization​

    Disconnected customer journeys impacting campaign performances​​

The Solution

We designed an integrated, multi-pronged solution to drive effective HCP segmentation for laser-focused targeting, data consolidation for unified customer views, strategic salesforce alignment, and hyper-personalized content and campaign strategies. To learn more about how we executed this strategy across pre-launch and launch phases, download the PDF below.


Indegene’s advanced data-driven strategy for relaunch significantly improved brand awareness and recall among HCPs, resulting in increased volume of prescriptions within the first 3 months of the campaign launch.


Speed to market


HCPs engaged with the shared content


Volumes of NRx and NBRx