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Global pharma identifies market opportunities for GI cancer procedures in China ​

The Customer

The customer is a leading global manufacturer of medical devices used in surgical procedures across cancer treatments.


  • The customer wanted to assess the current market environment for the development of surgical procedures in GI cancer across China and other countries​

    They had limited access to historical data, making it difficult to identify key market trends and opportunities in this space​

    They also had limited resources to identify the most effective and promising surgical procedures in those regions, making it difficult to evaluate future market potential​

The Solution

We conducted primary and secondary research to analyze the current market landscape for surgical procedures in GI cancer across China and other countries. Combining qualitative and quantitative research models, we identified prominent and effective procedures in the market, understood their evolution, and analyzed HCP perception towards them. We also used benchmarking models to assess competitor data and analyzed their procedural volumes, market share, and measured the extent to which their devices are used across all promising procedures.


The customer identified key promising procedures and trends globally and in China, providing a clear understanding of the current and future competitor landscape.

They identified important market trends, including a high demand for minimally invasive procedures in early-stage gastric cancer treatment. The research also highlighted a major unmet need for GI cancer procedures, opening the customer to new market opportunities.

Identified 3 promising GI procedures in China

Identified demand for minimally invasive procedures in early-stage GI cancer

Identified a major unmet need for the surgical procedures of GI cancer