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Indegene accelerates major drug launches with effective omnichannel orchestration and delivers a 28% boost in open rates

The Customer
The customer is a popular mid-size pharma company in the process of collaborating with an industry counterpart to add a therapeutic Fc-modified antibody to their oncology portfolio in order to provide advanced treatment options for their patients in the United States (US) and the European Union (EU).
To promote the new product, the customer was looking to create a new collaborative marketing technology (MarTech) framework that would help deliver effective and engaging communication and user experiences to healthcare professionals (HCPs). Additionally, strict compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations for consent management was of utmost importance in the EU.
A high rate of unsubscribes due to uncoordinated, excessive, and nonpersonalized content stemming from the use of multiple siloed MarTech tools, including customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing platforms managed by different teams
Managing and updating unsubscribes across each individual siloed tool was a completely manual process. This manual approach increased the risk of unforeseen errors, potentially subjecting the client to significant financial penalties
The existing consent management process relied heavily on a thirdparty vendor, which was occasionally inaccurate and difficult to maintain
The Solution
Indegene architected a solution that consolidated and integrated the CRM and email marketing platforms across both partners, enabling the centralization of all emails through a single tool. This streamlined approach ensured greater efficiency and consistency in email communications
A robust and configurable business rules engine was designed to control the frequency of emails and prevent template violations. These rules were instrumental in combating message fatigue among HCPs, resulting in an improved user experience. Additionally, the integration facilitated the automatic synchronization of unsubscribes to a centralized database, simplifying the management of opt-outs
A validation engine was implemented to automate the process of capturing and managing HCP data and consent for 14 countries within the EU. This scalable solution eliminates the need for manual intervention and can also be seamlessly integrated into future websites where HCP consent is required
Indegene’s custom-designed integrated architecture and business rules engine brought about a paradigm shift in the client’s approach to engaging with their HCP user base. A substantially improved user experience was achieved through more optimized communication tailored to HCP preferences and supported by a robust opt-in consent management system. This new system also seamlessly updates subscription data in real time, thereby drastically reducing manual effort and mitigating potential compliance concerns.
reduction in unsubscribes
increase in open rates
higher conversion rate